Feedback is the key to success

Blind flying? Ever wondered if users like your articles? Feedback Suite helps you to get see-through! Easy and comfortable! Download for free
Get exact ratings on your articles Find out if readers of your site like your posts! Two easy-to-understand diagrams show you the results of the evaluations.
Write content suitable for your audience No more blind flying on topics or post types. Knowing is power!
Push your productivity & stop wasting time Know exactly which kind of posts receive high ratings and don’t spend time writing content that’s not adding to your scheme.

Get the feedback you always wanted

With Feedback Suite, you analyze your visitors and write articles based on the ratings.

The analytical dashboard shows you the development over time!

Download the free Plugin

Easy to use and efficient Feedback Suite integrates perfectly in the WordPress interface. There’s no need to change your habits! Within minutes you’ll set up a beautiful rating box – thanks to the user-friendly interface – and add it to your posts.
Secure and private Although you like to get feedback, you may not want to share it with everybody. You always keep your data!