Why Feedback Suite improves your content marketing efforts

Nowadays no one survives without a content strategy: whether for your business, your hobby or even for your personal page.

Your content is the message you are spreading! For that reason, it deserves your full concentration and your best work.

It is surprising how often we struggle for a text, write it, format it, picture it and then simply release it to the masses. Far too often it drowns – without causing its full potential!


Not even social media can change that!

What we need are statistics! Some figures that tell us something – and it should be more than the number of visitors or bounce rates tracked by Google Analytics. Because often they do not say enough about the quality of the content.

In science, hypotheses are set up and then empirically investigated! We should also do this with our pages and texts – far beyond current statistics.

  • Collect feedback directly from your users
  • compare the data and respond to the experienced.

With WordPress Feedback Suite you get an excellent overview, that is easy to understand.

What our Feedback Suite Plugin can do for you

Using the right strategies and conclusions, you can influence much more.

Get to know your visitors

Working out your personas and building content around them is nice, but at some point, they lack feedback. There are a lot of good reasons why feedback matters! With Feedback Suite you can see if the articles you published are really what your target group is looking for. Probably you have been focussing on the wrong issues?

Besides it shows if some of your authors, categories or tags get better ratings than others?

If that’s the case you you can react immediately!

Maybe you like to focus on some particular authors or topics. Sometimes the common factor is just a different writing style.

See where your content marketing efforts are lacking quality

A content audit is hard work – reviewing a bunch of articles mostly only by checking the URL. Every page must be opened and evaluated. In the heat of the battle, mistakes happen.


WP Feedback Suite is an easy way to audit for qualitative values too. You can see the user ratings next to every article – this way you get an excellent overview!

In retrospect, it’s kind of funny that we worked without our reader’s feedback so far. When we evaluate our own work, we tend to wear pink glasses.

But even without certain reasons, it is always interesting to see how articles resonate with visitors, without having to share all your data publicly.

Improve your rankings & SEO

Have you ever wondered why an article is not ranking as good on Google as it should? Although your SEO skills are decent – your publishing quality content and your collecting a huge numer of links.

Google is getting better at recognizing content quality.

That means articles with higher quality will earn a better ranking over time. But how do you know if the quality of your content is any good?

That is where Feedback Suite will help you – your visitors can give you direct feedback, and you can edit articles with bad reviews.

Engage your visitors and make them part of it

Your content is your conversation and your message. But things that address people directly (like rating boxes) are even more helpful to engage them.

By providing feedback forms you show that you are willing to improve and you value your reader’s opinion – even if it is only a yes or no question.

Unlike the different social media channels you don’t have to share your values with everybody!

See if your content updates were worth it

After updating and improving an article, you are curious how your content update is working? It’s very complicated to see if your posts really get better.

With WordPress Feedback Suite you get instant feedback and can easily observe if your posts improved over time. Besides you get dates on every single article – like this, it’s possible to follow the development over time.

Select a long or short period, sort by an author – get the insight you always wished for!

With this kind of understanding, you will quickly draw lessons for the future!

Get motivation to keep on going


Who does not sometimes feel powerless and unsure whether our hard work is worth it?

We all yearn for encouraging words or at least small gestures.

Feedback Suite allows your visitors to provide positive feedback and helps you to improve other parts. You will recognize your strengths and can work on weaknesses.

It’s extremely encouraging to see the good ratings you receive – from real users and in real time. But at the same time, you don’t have to share your feedback with the whole world.

Due to WP Feedback Suite’s forms being incognito you’ll receive more feedback than on social media sites.

Don’t just get feedback from those social media addicts

Depending on your niche a huge number of your visitors might not be active on social media or simply don’t like to share articles with their friends.

These people have no real chance to provide you with any feedback.

WordPress Feedback Suite allows anybody to share their view with you anonymously!

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