How to get started with Feedback Suite

Welcome and thanks for downloading our Feedback Plugin!

Feedback Suite helps you to evaluate your reader’s preferences. Through simple up or down votes, they easily rate your articles or answer a question. In the backend, simple graphs show results for each post.

This guide helps you to install and set up the WP Feedback Suite Plugin for WordPress.

By following this guide, you’ll understand the purpose of this plugin and can quickly set it up for your site.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Install WP Feedback Suite Plugin
  • Create a rating box
  • Evaluate the ratings in the back end


Our plugin does not come pre-installed, so you need to install it before using. WordPress makes this very easy! Simply install it from the WordPress Repository.

Just log into your site and go to the plugins page. Choose the submenu “Add new.”

Next, search for and install WP Feedback Suite from the plugins page.

Now you will have to activate the plugin!

A check-in-message will show up. If you agree with the message, relevant tracking information (PHP version, WordPress version, mail, site address) will be shared with us. That way we can improve our service – it would be great if you could support us!

Set up your first rating

After the activation of Feedback Suite, you’ll find a new menu item “Feedback Suite.” Click to enter the menu. You’ll find yourself on the “Settings” part.

The backend will provide further information for optimal orientation.



The colored box shows how the rating box will appear on your website before the voting. You can edit the text by clicking directly in the previewed box.

Ask your readers to give you feedback on your article or ask any other question (it should be a yes or no question)

Don’t forget to switch to the second part: After Voting!
Also, change the text as you like.



Next, we’ll modify the appearance of the box!

Under the preview box, you’ll find three circles: on for the background color, heading color and text color. Click on the circles and change the colors to fit your website design. (or let it pop out)


Evaluate the ratings


This part takes some time: first, you’ll have to gather some ratings from your visitors. Move to the Analytics part of Feedback Suite.

The first chart shows your sites “Feedback by date.” You can see your visitors up and downvotes by date. Thanks to the time course trends are easy to recognize.

Select between two different time periods: the last 7 days or the last 30 days. Here you can also hide or show different authors.



The cake chart displays the total scores of up and downvotes. One look gives you insight in your ratings.

The list down below tracks every single vote along with post name, date and time.

Further Information & Support

As our plugin is just in his baby shoes, Feedback Suite will change with time. In the future, we hope to expand the evaluation system of Feedback Suite.

If you have any questions that weren’t addressed in this guide, visit our FAQ page for more information or contact our support team directly.

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